Deeply Serene
Kehinde Sonola Presents Deeply Serene Episode 72

The future of Deep House is more than here, it is simply Deeply Serene. 

Enjoy this Istanbul, London and Zurich inspired fusion of Beats, Deep House, Future House, Garage, Instrumentals, Jazz, Soul and Tech House Music. 

Happy listening and may love and serenity find you. 


[Artist] - [Track] - [Label] 


1) Futuregrapher - Bjarni - Lagaffe Tales

2) Moff & Tarkin - Long Shot Poems For Broke Players Viktor Birgiss Mix - Lagaffe Tales

3) Esa & Mervin Granger - Visum Africaine 808 Mix - This Is Music More Music

4) Bondax - Baby I Got That Justin Martin Mix - Just Us / Relentless

5) Viktor Birgiss & Sandra Barilli - With You - Lagaffe Tales

6) The Room Below - Trusted - Don't Be Afraid

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