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Deeply Serene

Kehinde Sonola presents Deeply Serene, a weekly selection of the deepest House Music with an infusion of African Beats, Classical Blues, Funk, Jazz, Latin, Soul, Techno and UK Garage music.

Featuring tracks from Antarctica to Auckland to Brasilia to Lagos to London to Los Angeles to Palestine to Tokyo, each mix is filled with love in order to spread the good vibes and connect people across this beautiful planet.

Oct 11, 2014

Thank you brothers and sisters for joining me for another week.

This week we have an eclectic mix of some of the finest deep house to uplift you.

Wherever you are, hope you and your loved ones are safe and happy.                        

Support the artists, support the magic.

Love and Serenity to all.


[Artist] - [Track] - [Label]


1) Kagiso Kaygee Pitsong - Cuferu Original Mix - Deeper Shades Recordings

2) Todd Terry Presents Royal House - Crazzzy Tee's Royal House Mix - Inhouse

3) Underset - Moon Rover Da Funk's Solitude Mix - Hope Recordings

4) Matthias Vogt - S Cat Original Mix - Lazy Days Music

5) David Vasquez - In Your Eyes David's Lead Dub - Del Soul Recordings

6) Dog Days - '92 Orginal Mix - Gruuv