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Deeply Serene

Kehinde Sonola presents Deeply Serene, a weekly selection of the deepest House Music with an infusion of African Beats, Classical Blues, Funk, Jazz, Latin, Soul, Techno and UK Garage music.

Featuring tracks from Antarctica to Auckland to Brasilia to Lagos to London to Los Angeles to Palestine to Tokyo, each mix is filled with love in order to spread the good vibes and connect people across this beautiful planet.

Jun 27, 2020

Kehinde Sonola Presents Deeply Serene Episode 339
Thank you for your time and sincerely wishing you love and serenity.
Look after yourself and the world.
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We’ll be celebrating the show’s 6 year anniversary in four weeks. Look out for a special bonus episode tomorrow.
Episode 339 celebrates Deep House with an infusion of African Beats, Classical Blues, Disco, Funk, Jazz, Latin, Soul, Techno and UK Garage music from Antarctica, Auckland, Barcelona, Berlin, Brasilia, Cape Town, Chicago, Detroit, Dubai, Istanbul, Lagos, London, Los Angeles, Moscow, Palestine, Paris, Reykjavik, Shanghai, Sydney, Tokyo, Toronto and more.
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[Artist] - [Track]

1) Dan T - Gonna Be 4x4 Mix
2) Nice Girl - Take A Step
3) Titonton & Morgan Geist - Up Innis
4) Marquis Hawkes - Hashtag Life Goals
5) Mella Dee - 01302 999 Mix
6) Seb Zito - Nut In Your Mouth
7) Dan T - I’m Sick Of It